Jess x Nick ➺ Season 1 Episode 15

does anyone have any gif request from misfits,new girl [s1], 2 broke girls [s1], awkward [s1], teen wolf [s2]?

half my shows got deleted and wont re-download :// 

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womanzer asked: omg i love your blog

thankk you!! :D

Fangirl Challenge » Fifteen Male Characters-Nathan Young

”Hey guess what? I’m immortal! Can you believe this shit? I’ve told you I had a power. Oh, looks like they saved the best for last huh? Immortality .. that’s off the A-list.” [3/15]


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Anonymous asked: can you make an julian baker (oth) gifset?

sure! im actually downloading oth right now but it might take time to finish downloading cause its really slow :(

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Fangirl Challenge » Fifteen Male Characters-Stiles Stilinksi

”I’m a 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bones.Sarcasm is my only defense.” [2/15]

Fangirl Challenge » Fifteen Male Characters-Nick Miller

”Nick is delicate.Like a flower.A chubby,damaged flower who hates himself.” [1/15]